Skinydipnsphynx Sawyer of Talialida (retired / neutered)



Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

Lestats Legacy

Red Mink

Sammamishsphynx Bald Beauty Calvin

Blue Mink & White

Azurau China Doll

Seal Tortie Point

OGC Barecats Indiana of Shammicats

Blue Point & White

Majikcats Scarab

Black Tortie & White

Flyingcats Wrinkurl Kummenup

Cream Mink Classic Tabby & White

Flyingcats Stinky T

Chocolate Mink & White

CH Prophecy Mickey Mouser of Barecats

CH Gailray Cracklin Rosie of Barecats

Draven Abraxis of Katamichi

Angelfire Circe Ravenwolf

Flyingcats Charles Darwin

CH Rinkurl Last Dance of Flyingcats

Flyingcats Charles Darwin

Flyingcats Watsamatter Mitzi



Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

Dalilahsden The Lady of The Forest Bella

Red Classic Tabby

Mysto Soprano Aka Mystic Eyes

Red & White

Petitslutins Ms Blondie La Roux

Classic Tabby & White

CH Jsheba's Midnight Shadow


Chatnud Ima Jez Naked of Jsheba

Brown Classic Torbie & White

Diva's Mister Uniqua

Red Classic Tabby

Petits Lutins Quinnie

Brown Mackerel Torbie & White

Kiva Jshebas Whitee Whiskers

Kattewyk's Reeses Pieces of Jsheba

CH Jokatta's Mr Spock of Chatnud

TGC Kitnhuyse Hope Diamond of Jsheba

Whiskerhill American Adventure

Voila Miss Marble Van Anubis

Diva's Mister Cadexa

Petits Lutins Samantha

Наталия Хохлова